Construction of a two-storey building
with ground floor shops

The aim of the architectural proposal is the design of a complex consisting of two houses and two shops, perfectly integrated in the natural environment.

The houses are designed open to the natural landscape, its natural continuity while at the same time, they ensure comfort, privacy and absolute independence to the users.

For the preparation of the architectural study, the constraints stemming from the territorial slopes of the area and more specifically of the plot were taken into account. This is a special plot with a strong elevation difference between its two persons and the pursuit of independent operation of the two houses.

Also evaluated as key features of the architectural solution that was chosen, the special geographical relief of the plot, the new urban data (cave building-planted roof, planted roof means the roof which is covered by vegetation that grows in controlled conditions with economically and environmentally This represents 60% of a tiled roof and 40% of a planted roof.), User needs and modern construction materials.

Project: Design - Construction
Project Study Time: 2016
Square: 300 sq.m.