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Quality Assurance

Our decades of experience and passion for our work are what keeps our
company active, with strategic choices, attention to the needs of the
market and a consistent quality of construction. Innovations in the field of
construction (mostly in the legal framework) require us to be constantly
informed and adaptable regarding every change and alteration of the
construction status quo. Our strict, unerring adherence to the current building
regulations in combination with our top-quality construction standards are
fundamental tenets of the company.

At the same time, our policy at Savvas Nikolatos is to complete our works in
complete accordance with our contractual obligations, all while adhering to the
agreed-upon quality standards and time-frame. We have always been guided
by our strict adherence to our deadlines.
To implement this policy without sacrificing our standards of quality, we utilize
only the latest, most modern equipment and the most effective
partnerships with construction professionals of every discipline. Our
experienced and highly specialized partners are always punctual and proceed
with the necessary attentiveness on every matter that might require a special
approach, with complete knowledge of their contractual object.
In order to deliver high-quality works on time, we emphasize the methodical
programming and planning of our actions. At Savvas Nikolatos, we are
in constant contact with our clients, to receive feedback on
their satisfaction and provide timely solutions to any issue that might arise.