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Whether a private residence or a professional space, a building is at its best
when it combines intelligent architectural design, aesthetics, quality, and
Our company has been active primarily in the field of construction of

residences and professional spaces for over 50 years. Our design philosophy
is human-centered, and each project takes into account the social, cultural
and economic aspects, along with our clients’ needs and ideas. We rely on
the expertise and experience of the professionals that work on each project,
according to the needs and visions of our clients, always within the agreed-
upon timeframe and budget. We coordinate with our partners and supervise
every step of our projects. The company functions as a team in order to
create functional, aesthetically pleasing environments, with attention to detail.
Finally, we implement comprehensive building programs within a realistic
time-frame and a strict budget, offering the ideal cost – quality ratio in
accordance with the demands of bioclimatic design, to offer an end product
with unmatched energy efficiency.
Our services:

1) Architectural Design – Comprehensive project planning
2) Architectural studies and granting of building permits
3) Architectural studies, designs, and granting of building permits
for professional spaces.
4) Building construction
5) Building refurbishments
6) Technical studies/project support

savvas nikolatos construction kataskeuastiki etairia ioannina anakataskeues ktirion


At Savvas Nikolatos, we specialize in the reconstruction and renovation of
private residences, offices, hotels, commercial and other professional spaces.
We have completed projects both simple and technically complex on time,
and presented them ready to use to our clients.
The members of our company, with their extensive experience and
accumulated expertise in the field of construction, implement our
contemporary aesthetic vision through the use of cutting-edge technology,
always with the ideal cost – quality ratio.
We offer high-quality architectural design and construction services for every
project we undertake.
Depending on our client’s specifications, demands and budget, we cover the
mobile and immobile equipment of professional spaces through individualized
solutions and tested products, from both Greece and abroad.


At Savvas Nikolatos, we have over 50 years of experience in construction in
the flats-for land (antiparochi) system.

The flats-for land system is one of the most cost-effective means for potential
homeowners to obtain their own private residence. It is also a method of
utilizing (urban or agricultural) real estate without investing one’s own funds.