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Why Choose Us

At Savvas Nikolatos, we bring to each of our projects expertise and know-how
accumulated over the more than 50 years of our presence in the field of
construction together with a progressive, forward-thinking philosophy. Our
experience and knowledge are key to the success of each of our projects.

  • All of our construction projects are carried out with modern
    technology and materials.
  • We achieve the best possible quality, always driven by the desire to
    both save time and reduce costs.
  • All the members of our company work tirelessly to create the ideal
    outcome, based on the needs of each project, which they have studied
    and planned from the start.

Here are the reasons why we stand out:

We have over 50 years of experience, as a construction firm with
perhaps the longest-spanning constant activity in Ioannina and
involvement in a plethora of different projects.
2. Continuous specialization and training. Our company places
emphasis on continuous training and the safety of our workforce, and
spares no expense in pursuit. Our workforce is comprised of
academically-trained professionals with proficiency and in-depth
experience, a crucial factor in our successful history.
3. Innovation in the use of materials, proposals, solutions and
environments. Modern construction design is bioclimatic, carried out
with respect for both man and the environment, all while corresponding

to the needs of the modern user, and following the latest trends and
newest construction methods. We draw inspiration from the ever-
shifting requirements of the market, and we are always ahead of the
curve on construction developments, such as modern materials and
contemporary construction methods. We are up to date on the most
recent trends in the field, and our projects depict and reflect this
mindset … Of including developments in innovation and efficiency in
the spectrum of solutions we offer.
4. Organization of Planning and Construction. Time is money, as they
say, and by correctly organizing the implementation of our construction
projects, we save our clients precious time. The completion of our
projects in the shortest time-frame possible is a goal, a challenge and a
standard of success for us. This is especially true regarding the
construction of professional – commercial spaces, where project
completion is directly connected with the beginning of commercial
activity for a business.
5. The best Value for Money solutions. We provide our clients with
reliable, actual budgets with consideration for the highest-quality, most
cost-effective choices, by providing the necessary designs and detailed
catalogs of materials that will be used for every project. Faithful
adherence to these means that our construction projects have the
greatest value for money.
6. High Energy-Efficiency Buildings. We construct environmentally
friendly buildings with a low carbon footprint, through the application of
a range of energy-saving technologies and materials.
7. Quality Architectural Design and Construction a) Design driven by
the interaction between people and space. b) Use of new digital design
and imaging technologies c) Buildings that naturally fit their
8. Optimal Value for Money solutions. The most competitive prices on
the market based on detailed pricing of our services. By studying and
detailing the materials to be used, we can offer our clients actual,
reliable budgets. This means unrivalled construction costs.