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Mission Statement

Modern times required modern solutions, in both private residences and
commercial spaces.
Today, demand by families for a modern, tranquil, quality environment that
offers comfort and relaxation, all while ticking every quality-of-life box, is
higher than ever.
Concurrently, demand for modern, technologically advanced, high-
performance professional spaces that can contribute actively to the
achievement of professional goals, is equally high.
How is it possible to combine all these requirements?
That is our goal at Savvas Nikolatos TSA:
Architectural Design – Construction with personality and flair.
Each of our collaborations aims either to fulfil the visions and requirements for
an ideal residence of our private clients, or to provide a means of achieving
the professional objectives of our professional clients, fulfilling their plans
based on their personalized needs.

  • – Innovation
  • – Financial Responsibility
  • – Advanced Design
  • – Energy Efficiency
  • – Bioclimatic Building Design
  • – Anti-seismic protection according to the latest anti-seismic
  • – Top-Quality Construction
  • – Respect for the Natural Environment.