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Our objective is to implement our clients’ visions for their ideal spaces in the
most financially sound manner.
Savvas Nikolatos

Technical SA (TSA) was founded by its namesake in 1968,
as a sole-proprietorship enterprise.
In its current legal form, the TSA has been active in the architectural design
and construction market since 2005, continuing the work of the first
The TSA has over 50 years of constant activity, production and evolution in
the field of construction, always with accountability, consistency and training
on new developments.
The TSA is primarily active in Epirus, and boasts numerous architectural
works within the city of Ioannina in particular. Throughout its storied history,
the TSA has been connected with emblematic construction projects, which
have become landmarks of the city.
Through careful, strategic choices, understanding the needs of the market, a
standard of construction excellence, awareness of current building
regulations, high architectural and constructional standards, and, of course,
by approaching each new project with dedication and care, the TSA has
thrived over its more than fifty years of presence in the real estate market.
Our three primary fields of private-sector construction activity are:
– Design and Construction of Residences: Apartments or Detached Houses
– Design and Construction of Commercial Spaces
– Design and Construction of Tourism Infrastructure
Our team’s experience, our reliability among our partners, our tireless efforts
and timeless values have earned us the respect and appreciation of
customers, partners and the market alike. We have always offered modern,
reliable solutions with the most favorable terms on the market, together with
an extensive portfolio of unique projects.
Savvas Nikolatos TSA is a family-owned enterprise, which has always
functioned with:
– Love for construction,
– Accumulated experience, passed on from generation to generation,
– Internal organization

Fulfilling our client’s vision, whether by building them a comfortable home to
live in or by providing them with an ideal commercial space for their business
ventures, fills us with joy and satisfaction and is what motivates us to give our
all, every day.