Mystiko Kleidi (2016)

Preschool Education Center.

The building was designed, designed and constructed based on the idea of ​​a large inner courtyard.

Completely distinct but undivided spaces have been created to accommodate infant and toddler users, their operational management and support needs, and their sanitary facilities.

All the above spaces converge in front of a large inner covered courtyard – patio, which is a safe courtyard area, illuminated from above which functions as a gathering place for all users, when necessary, but at the same time completely separates the uses of the spaces so that one use should not interfere with the other.

The whole building is developed on one level, thus avoiding unevenness in the areas of the unit that are accessible to children.

There are no stairs and all floors are made of non-slip materials. There are no railings inside the space because due to design they are not required.

In addition to the special architectural design, the building meets the most demanding quality standards. It is made with high seismic standards according to the latest seismic regulation, bioclimatic design, thermal break frames, double glazing specially made TRIPLEX – ARGON, ecological thermal insulation materials in walls, floors, roof, high-tech electrical equipment to meet electromechanical energy requirements of Class A buildings.

Project: Design - Construction
Project Study Time: 2016
Square: 1,000 sq.m.