The project concerns the creation of a boutique hotel in the center of Athens, on Praxitelou Street. A monument of special aesthetics that we undertake to restore with respect to its architecture and character.

The building dates back to the 1930s and was used as an office building until the late 1990s.

During the restoration process, all the basic architectural elements are preserved so that it remains as close as possible to its original form. At the same time, spaces and infrastructures are created for the operation of 5 rooms on each floor and a reception area at the entrance of the building. on the ground floor of the building.

During the design process the biggest challenge was to maintain the character of the building and to adapt to it the requirements of the services required by a modern hotel of this era.

By creating some new spaces inside the floors and some additional configurations in the sections that already exist, we aim to create functional rooms, with aesthetics that will refer to the era when the building was created.

We are creating a unique, special hotel and our goal is to be a landmark for the area.

Project: Construction
Project Study Time: 2020
Square: 580 sq.m.